3M E-xcellere Evaluation Form
12th March
Dr. Lisa Alvetro
Clinical precision and efficiency in low-force esthetic orthodontic treatment
16th March
Dr. Gianluigi Fiorillo
Digital bonding: The first key to excellence
13th April
Dr. Raffaele Sacerdoti
Everything you always wanted to know about impacted canines
16th April
Dr. Riccardo Riatti
Esthetic Treatment, Esthetic Results: Bringing Together Smile Design and Esthetic Appliances
11th May
Dr. Gianluigi Fiorillo
ClarityTM Ultra Bracket, my personal experience in terms of effectiveness and efficiency
8th June
Dr. Raffaele Sacerdoti
ClarityTM Ultra Bracket, my personal experience
6th July
Dr. Gianluigi Fiorillo
ClarityTM: Parade of very complex cases
18th June
Dr. Isabelle Savoye - Dr. Itamar Friedlände
Digital Flash-Free Bonding “The Way of Doing Indirect Bonding”
4th September
Dr. Isabelle Savoye - Mrs. Marlyn Van Cutsem - Mr. David Moreno
The 3M way of doing Indirect Bonding
9th September
Dr. Ömur Polat Özsoy
Emotional Aspects of Digital Flash-Free Indirect Bonding. What are the benefits for both the orthodontist and the patient?
25th November
Dr. Esther Olivera
Camouflage Treatment with Skeletal Anchorage
3th December
Dr. Isabelle Savoye - Mrs. Marlyn Van Cutsem - Dr. Itamar Friedländer
“Faster or better, one by one or all at once?” The 3M way of Indirect Bonding with APCTM Flash-Free